Which is the most effective option to enhance Customer Experience in the Trades Business Industry?

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SMS Notifications Vs Email Notifications Vs Push Notifications for customer experience in Trades Business

Imagine you are about to leave for a job and you receive an SMS, an email and a push notification at the same time. Which one would you check first? The answer may vary depending on the convenience of a particular person. Currently, SMS is the most widely used data application in the world, with 86% of consumers sending and receiving texts every week and sending 389 billion text messages monthly (It will change in the next second). Users also read 95% to 98% of text messages within one minute of receipt. This is not an unfamiliar territory for smartphone users. Smartphone users make use of SMS, Emails and Push Notifications. Let’s look at each option in a comparative context.


SMS Notifications


Simple SMS Notifications make a huge impact on customer experience. SMS does not directly promote your trades business but it ensures that customers stay with you for long. The SMS open rate is quite impressive; almost 90% of SMSs are opened within three minutes of receipt. SMS is useful for time sensitive information on discounts, special offers and deliveries. It is also used for authentication purposes as well. You should not use SMS to deliver information that users need later. Also, text messages are easy to delete and hard to search through. The number of SMSs you’ll need per week depends on what you’ll use them for.

Having a great open rate, reach without internet and immediate reach are the advantages of SMS and the disadvantages are high cost, hard to estimate conversion and the character limit.


Email Notifications

Emails are used to get feedback from clients and also to notify them of changes, especially concerning user accounts. Usually, customers register through email, verify their accounts and receive new passwords. Whatever the situation, you need an email account. On mobile devices, the email open rate reaches between 50% and 60% compared to 15% on desktops. People tend to read emails on mobile first.

Unlimited size and the ease of referring to the content later are the advantages of emails and disadvantages are low open rate and cost.


Push Notifications

Push Notifications emerged later than SMS and emails, but they became popular, originating from social media. The average open rate of SMS and push notifications is over 90%. As more services began to appear as mobile apps, push notifications naturally became a great way to communicate with clients. The conversion rate with push notifications is high due to deep links, which allow you to direct users to a specific place in an app. For example, if you send a push notification about a discount for a certain product, the notification can send your clients right to a page where client can use the benefits of the product. This is one of the greatest advantages of push notifications and it has a tremendous impact on customer experience too.

Another reason push notifications feature better conversion is that they can be highly targeted according to location, gender, device, preferences and other parameters. This makes push notifications fairly personalised.

Push notifications also increase engagement with your app and improve user retention rates. Thus, not only can they help drive activity on the topic of your message, they also help increase the benefits you see from your app. Push notifications offer a number of benefits at once which makes a massive positive impact on customer experience.

Cost of push notifications is another argument for using them: notifications sent by Firebase or Urban Airship are totally free, and the number of those you can send is unlimited. Great open rate, deep links, immediate reach, rich media, very low cost or free are the advantages of the Push Notifications. Limited character number and being possible to only be used in an app are the disadvantages of Push Notifications.



Analysing all three options, we can clearly see that the usage of Push Notifications is the best way forward. Considering the effectiveness of push notifications as they address number of goals at once, we find push notifications better than text messages or email and they will make a considerable impact on customer experience. Let’s make optimum use of Push notifications and strive to achieve trades business success by refining customer experience.


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