Don’t ask for a lower quote from your Tradie.
Doing these 5 things will save you more money!

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Do you want a lower quote? As a customer you should know that quality work comes at a price and someone offering a low quote might actually end up cutting corners and fail to live up to your expectations.

So instead of spending time looking for the lowest quote, spend some time on saving your Tradie’s time on the job.

Here are a few things you can do to save more on your next job.


1. Don’t try to fix it yourself

It makes your Tradie’s work 10 X harder, requiring them to take longer to finish and costing your more. No matter how good you are at DIY jobs, you still cannot do it to the standard a professional would do. So it’s best to leave it them to begin with.


2. Make sure the area is clear for them to work

It can be really frustrating for your Tradie to see that their work area is all cluttered up. Make it easy for them to work by clearing the area before they arrive so they won’t have to spend time on doing it themselves and then charging you more. Also keep children and your dog away.


3. Answer their questions honestly

The more information your Tradie has on the job that needs to get done, the better it is. Things like when something was last serviced, did someone else attempted to do it first before they arrived etc. can help. They will feel more confident about the work they are doing and are more likely to finish it quickly.


4. Don’t change your mind midway

Be clear on what outcomes you want to see at the end of the job. Changing your mind half way through the job can confuse your Tradie. Something that was not part of the job description or what you were quoted for, will be considered a variation and charged accordingly.


5. Look for quality, not a free quote

Yes many Tradies do not charge for estimates, because what they quote you includes that extra amount in case they do not get the job. Others ask for a call out fee, which may or may not be refundable once they get the job. So either way, you are paying them for the time they are putting up in giving you an estimate. Only in the first instance, you don’t know that you are paying. So better to limit the quotes you ask for and instead look for quality of job they can deliver, even if that means paying a little extra for getting an estimate.


Wrapping it up

Looking for the best Tradie for the job can be a chore, even more so when you are comparing quotes from tens and twenties of Tradies and are unable to understand the price difference.

If you really want to save money on your job, try to do it by reducing the number of billable hours a Tradie needs to spend on your job.


Are you a Tradie?



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