5 Tips on Why Tradies Should Go Social

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I firmly believe that in the social landscape the opportunities to grow are only limited to one’s imagination. It’s only those who fail to realise the potential of social media, that are run over by their competition.

As tradies or trades business owners directly deal with their customers, interacting in the social space is as important as offline or direct communication.

So let’s have a look at 5 compelling reasons why tradies should go social and invest their time on social space to nurture their own business.


1. Create Authority

Sharing and interacting with fellow tradies and customers will create an authority for your personal brand and your business. For example when you share tips about gas safety in your business page with practical issues and how it can be prevented with real life examples, it will reach broader audience than a marketing article about your business. The reason behind the reach is your expertise and professional experience.



2. Gain Social Proof

Sharing before and after images of the projects completed and sharing a video of your ongoing project will create more social proof towards your business. Customers tend to hire a tradie 10 times more, when they see perfection in their previous jobs and great testimonials from clients.


Check out this videos


3. Build Customer Relationship

According to an IAB study, 90% of consumers would recommend to others the brands they have interacted with on their social media. Most of the trades businesses do not manage their own social media pages but of course you can comment and interact within your time constraints. Leave a comment about your experience, respond to customer queries, share the great experiences with your customers and let your tradies speak about it. Build a long lasting customer relationship through sharing and caring. You can also use a job management software where you can share social feeds instantly while you are on the site.


4. Increase Sales

When you start interacting online and answer questions from your customers and potential customers you become the social influencer in your own locality for your field of expertise. Not only you become an influential person you will also become more affluent with increased sales from your social followers.


5. Increase your online visibility

When you create authority to your brand, gain more social proof from your local customers and get more sales inquiries you will get visibility in search engine results pages without any doubt. Your business will appear in Search engine results pages more frequently. Thus your web traffic will go up exponentially.


Wrapping up:

The bottom line is that there is a huge untapped opportunity for tradesmen in the social space to drive their business stamina through social channels. It’s the language of the millennial. If you want to future proof your trades business, jump on the social bandwagon and thrive on it!

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FindMyTradies is a growing platform for Tradies all across Australia to help customers find them and get more leads. With over 1000 monthly visitors, as a Trades Business owner, claiming your listing means that you will not only get more visibility for your brand but also get ratings and reviews on your completed jobs, creating social proof for your business.




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